Marriage – a Treaty

A marriage is a treaty between two, or more, persons. It is a legal as well as a civil treaty that most times are spiritual or religious. All over the world the perception of marriage and its meaning is quite different. Mostly marry for love, but there are also arranged marriages, for economic or social reasons or for legal reasons.


Most marriages start in a special place. When it comes to theological marriages it is most commonly a church, a mosque or a temple. You can also have a civil marriage when you get married at city hall or another governmental place. There is a pretty big difference between countries on whether a religious marriage is also a legal and civil marriage. If you marry for religious reasons you can be forced to also have a civil wedding to make it legally binding and be governed by the laws of the country regarding marriages.  


Different Cultures – Different Purposes

When it comes to the grounds for a marriage, there are big differences between cultures. In general, marriage regulates the right and possibility of a sexual intercourse. In many cases a marriage is a demand to give right to sexual intercourse and to start a family in a social view. It is not accepted that two people live together and have children together without being married. In the Western world it is more liberal and the cultural demand on marriage is not as big. A marriage is mostly for legal reasons and for the spouses to show the world that they plan on being together for the rest of their lives.  

Arranged Marriages

In many cultures it is very common that marriages are arranged by the families of the future spouses.  The decision can be made in a very early stage, a so-called child marriage. The reasons can vary, sometimes it is about raising the social status of the family and sometimes it is for economic reasons. In some cultures, there is also a price on brides which means that the groom pays the father of the bride to get to marry her. There is also the opposite, where the father of the bride pays the groom or his parents a so-called dowry. A child marriage is forbidden in the Western world but still exists. If you look at the legal part of child marriages, prices on brides and dowries, they are not valid according to the legislation in the Western world. Gender-neutral marriages
When it comes to marriages of the same sexes, the laws are very different around the world. A marriage of the kind generally means that both parties have the same rights as a couple of different sexes. It is unusual that people of the same sex are allowed to get married in the world. This opportunity has risen lately and is still very debated since it has always been unacceptable both religiously and socially. For example, it wasn´t until 2015 that marriages of same sex were allowed in all states in America.